I have recently graduated with a PhD student from the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Cincinnati, where I was working under the supervision of Dr. Elke K. Buschbeck.

The Buschbeck lab studies the fascinating visual system of the larval sunburst diving beetle.

The sunburst diving beetle (Thermonectus marmoratus) is native to the south-western USA and Mexico where they inhabit slow moving seasonal streams and ponds. The beetle larvae possess a grand total of 12  eyes that give them a panoramic view of the world. These larvae are very successful predators, tracking and eating mosquito larvae.

My research focussed on the ultrastructure of the multiple retinas of the forward-pointing principal eyes which are utilized for prey approach and attack in the larva, and how the eyes develop in the embryo.

I would like continue research in the field of developmental biology, especially on tissue patterning and morphogenesis. I am currently looking for post-doc and/or research associate positions in the Boston area.

My main interest lies in educating future biologists. This dossier not only serves as a reference for myself but I would also like to share ideas, techniques, methods and draft (or more revised) materials for my teaching and further professional development, as well as my research activity. Please leave any comments; feedback is most welcome!

This site is still in development. I will continue to add more details, so please check back soon!


Nadine Stecher